Your TPA for every day.

We specialize in the design, administration, and compliance
of your retirement plan, so you don’t have to.

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Customize a partnership to help you plan for a strong financial future.

We work exclusively with your Financial Advisor and Recordkeeper to plan for your retirement. You decide how much of the design, administration, and compliance you’d like to take care of in-house—and we’ll take care of the rest.

We never want you to worry about your retirement plan.

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Let’s Get
You Started

We design successful start-up plans. Helping you right from the first step to determine your goals. MAP-ing the route to help you grow and achieve your goals is our passion.


Let Us Help You Go Further

Moving a plan is never fun, but many times it is necessary to get further and grow your organization through better design, more service, and better performance. We will guide you every step and make your plan transition easy and painless.


Get Back on the
Right Track

When plan sponsors find their plans out of compliance and off track, they come to us. MAP specializes in fixing broken plans and has an expert team of plan recovery specialists. Our experts can get your plan back on the right track and operating efficiently.

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Types of Plans

The right solution for your organization and need.
  • 401(k) Plans

  • 403(b) Plans

  • 401(a) Plans

  • Profit Sharing Plans

  • 457(b) Government Plans

  • 457(b)Non-Profit Plans

  • Defined Benefit Plans

  • Safe Harbor Plans

  • Cash Balance Plans

  • SIMPLE 401(k) Plans

  • Solo 401(k) Plans

  • Money Purchase Plans

  • Cross-tested Plans

  • Prevailing Wage/SCA Plans

  • 457 (b) Government Plans

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

  • Health and Welfare 5500 Reporting

Let Our Teams Handle the Heavy Lifting

Plan Design & Consulting

Plan Testing

Plan Optimization

Assist with Recordkeeping Analysis

Fact Finding

Final Meetings

HR Outsourcing

Annual Review

Fiduciary Support

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How Can We Support
Your Retirement Planning?



A cost-effective way to offer a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan to your Organization. Our simple MAP process will empower your staff with guidance to run your plan.

Safe Harbor Plans allow for simplified administration and compliance on your plan.

  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Design Review

  • Plan Document Preparation

  • Calendar Plan Year End

  • Eligibility Age 21

  • 1 Year of Service (1,000 hours)

  • Employee Contributions

  • Employee Safe Harbor Matching Contributions (required)

  • No Additional Contributions or Money Types

  • Payroll Period Funding for Safe Harbor Match

  • In-service Distributions (optional)

  • Participation Loans (optional)



Our core level of service provides multiple plan design options, comprehensive plan review, design, administration, and detailed compliance support. Your Map team will help navigate your staff to retirement plan success.

  • 401K Plans

  • Profit Sharing Plans

  • Cross-Tested/New Comparability Plans

  • Money Purchase Pension Plans

  • Cash Balance Plans

  • Open Architecture Plans

  • 403(b) Plans

  • 457(b) Government Plans

  • 457(b) Non-Profit Plans

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans

  • Comprehensive Service



MAP Auto Pilot provides all services under MAP Navigator, then we provide a significant amount of HR support, taking ministerial care of most of the day-to-day work for your staff. Including loan and withdrawal approval, payroll submissions, etc.

Navigator Services Plus:

  • 404(a)(5)/404(c) Notice Distribution

  • 408(b)(2) Notice Distribution

  • Physical Mailing of Required First Notice
  • E-Delivery of All Notices
  • Corrective Distributions
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Participant force-out processing
  • Termination Date Verification & Maintenance
  • Termination Withdrawal Approval
  • Loan Default Monitoring
  • Loan Approval & Reporting
  • Payroll Submission Services



Our most comprehensive service. MAP Chauffeur puts us in the driver’s seat for you. MAP will act as a 3(16) fiduciary on your Plan. All services under MAP Auto Pilot plus assuming the 3(16) Fiduciary role on your plan. Additional services include signing the plan document, and 5500.

Navigator & Auto Pilot Services Plus:

  • 3(16) Fiduciary Status

  • Listed Plan Administrator

  • Co-sign the Recordkeeping Agreements & Documents
  • Co-sign the Plan Documents
  • Sign & Submit 5500 Report
  • List MAP Retirement as the Fiduciary Contact for the Plan

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