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The TPA, Recordkeeper, Financial Advisors relationship needed a change.

After more than 25 years in the financial industry, we found shortfalls in the TPA, Recordkeeper, and Advisor relationship. We knew we could create a better experience for everyone involved.

So, we created our own TPA firm. Since our first partnership we’ve supported thousands of Client-Financial Advisor relationships our own way.

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Meet Your TPA Team

We’re the experts in retirement plan design, administration, HR assistance and fiduciary support
– so you don’t have to be.

MAP Partners

Chad Carroll

Managing Partner

Bob Carroll

Managing Partner

Matt Reimer

Managing Partner

Angela Thrift

Executive Partner

Bob Chin


Frank Coffey


MAP Leadership

Lori Button

Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly Reid

Vice President Human Resources

Krista Arena

Vice President Sales &
CLA Liaison

Kim Laughrin

Director of Plan Consulting

Jaime Anday

Director of Plan Consulting

Melissa Metzger

Director of Account Services

Brenda Hedtke

Director of New Business

Sharon Dong

Executive Vice President

Leslie Ayers

Director of Transaction Services

Tiffany Jepsen

Director of Quality

David Wojciak

Director of Plan Documents

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MAP Retirement builds retirement plan service offerings that give business owners peace of mind, and help their employees make the most of their retirement opportunity. Our goal is to help businesses meet their goals by providing the correct direction at each turn. For that reason, MAP Retirement works exclusively with your financial advisor so MAP can focus on your plan design and compliance administration, while your financial advisor focuses on financial planning and specific investments to meet your needs. This symbiotic relationship positively impacts the bottom line for business owners and helps you achieve both successful retirement and business outcomes.

The MAP Retirement Group of Companies include: MAP Retirement, Inc. MAP Retirement USA, LLC, Map Retirement of Illiana, Abacus Benefit Consultants, Retirement Plan Alliance, and Gorrelick, Tievy and Abacus. The partners at MAP believe our structure and partnership provides MAP with the opportunity to build and invest for the benefit of our financial advisor partners and our clients. The MAP Partners have a long-term outlook and commitment to our financial advisor partners and clients to grow, reinvest and prioritize their needs and service experience.

We’re proud to serve more than 3,700 clients nationally. Whether you are a company starting a plan for the first time or a large company with multiple complex plans, we have a solution for you. MAP Retirement provides each client with the guidance for a successful plan from its creation through ongoing administration. We believe in providing personalized service as part of our ongoing communication, consulting with business owners, executives, and financial advisors to design the optimal retirement plan service model for your business. Furthermore, we are committed to staying on top of the latest industry rules, regulations, cybersecurity needs and investing in the latest technology to ensure your plan management is as seamless and efficient as possible.


Our Investment Partners Include